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‘The White Tower’, a home designed by Lorenzo Grifantini

‘The White Tower’, a home designed by Lorenzo Grifantini

Lorenzo Grifantini, a London-based Italian architect and founder of DOS architects met his hardest challenge yet when he decided to build his own serene getaway in the core of Puglia. The unique opposition presented by this task makes crossing the boundary between work and play all too easy but Lorenzo seems to find the perfect balance to face the trial head-on.  

The boundless getaway is complete with an open courtyard, pool, cabana, and 12meter(39feet)  tower. Almost every inch of the house is covered in a classic shade of white giving it a bright and open feel. The elegant White House strikes a certain piercing balance between itself and the surrounding village buildings. A balance only architects of Lorenzo’s focused and intricate talent could achieve.

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Designer: Lorenzo Grifantini
Structural engineers: AlessandroRizzo, Francesco Liaci
Service engineers: AlessandroRizzo, Francesco Liaci
Interior design: Lorenzo Grifantini/Allegra Figus
Doors and windows: Campesato SRL
Internal lighting: Viabizzuno
Pietra Leccese Stone: Pimar
Swimming pool: SYS piscine