Images © Hank Reavis

The iconic “Little Trees” turned into paintings by Hank Reavis

The iconic “Little Trees” turned into contemporary paintings by Hank Reavis

Hank Reavis turns the iconic “Little Trees” air fresheners into totems of the human experience. Reavis is a Seattle-born artist who uses airbrushes as his primary tool for creation. Reavis uses an airbrush for its association with photo retouching and poster design. It gives each painting an almost cartoon look that makes each design pop off the canvas.

In Hank’s latest series titled “Little Trees,” we see him stick to his style while turning the iconic air freshener into something more meaningful. Each one represents various aspects of the human experience from grief, passion, greed, and peace. You can purchase these paintings at the art production house ARTXIV here.

 Hank Reavis Instagram.

ARTXIV website.

Images © Hank Reavis

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