Dreamy closeups of the female body, a look at Kimber Beck

Dreamy closeups of the female body, a look at Kimber Beck

Self-portraits and beautiful vintage feeling photography is what Kimber Beck does best. She is a 27-year-old artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her works center around her own body and the body of various other women. In each photo we see someone yet we never see a face it’s always covered by something or just out of view. 

Beck’s images have a dream-like feel to them, a somewhat haunting beauty. Like in one image we see only a woman’s arms and legs sticking out from an empty bathtub. In another image, we see a woman with her face stuck down inside a planter pot in the middle of an overgrown greenhouse. The eery abandoned settings along with the intimate shots of women’s bodies in contouring and often surreal positions are what gives her work its signature feeling.

“There’s something about being the photographer & model that works out really well for me. I’m able to capture the exact emotion that I want without having to translate it into words to tell a model. All the poses come naturally, I feel them.” – Kimber Beck (source: www.sticksandstonesagency.com )


Sources: https://www.sticksandstonesagency.com/me-by-me/

Artist Instagram: @bimberkeck

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