‘What These Old Things’ an art book by Marcarson

‘What These Old Things’ an art book by Marcarson

Marcarson can not be boxed into one medium. From fashion, music, paintings, and more he has proven time and time again his creative skills. Today he releases work through his company ‘NOT FOR THEM’ a New York City-based art house. Today however we are here to focus on a new series of works by Marcarson titled ‘What These Old Things.”

This series is something we have never seen before, it’s a physical portfolio but also a limited edition art book. Limited to 10 copies, each of the books featured a different artwork as the cover. Inside the booklet, we find 24 works on paper that have been made of previous artworks oil transferred by hand. Each work is then signed and stamped with the NOT FOR THEM seal. On each work of art, you will find the signature mark of ‘NOT FOR THEM’ known as the ‘FreeFace’ which can be seen across New York City and other streets around the globe.

What makes this booklet even more interesting is the way the works are held together. Each work is within a plastic sleeve that can be either left in or removed, framed, and hung. This allows the collector to display the works in their own unique way, it can be a coffee table book for guests to look through or it can be hung down the all for them to examine as they pass by. If you would like to purchase one of these art books you can do so here on the artist’s website.

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