Painting new life into old art, a look at Dave Pollot

Painting new life into old art, a look at Dave Pollot

Taking thrift store paintings and adding pop culture relevancy is what Dave Pollot does best. New York-based artist, Pollot began doing this around 2010 when he and his now-wife would spend time going through thrift stores looking for abandoned treasures. He wanted to find a way to bring these old works back to life in a modern age and keep them relevant.

Not only is Dave’s concept and ideas amazing, but his execution is also as well. His skill as a painter is so good one could easily mistake these oil paintings for photoshop while scrolling on Instagram. The most compelling aspect of his work is how he always seems to pick the right character or objects that will blend in with the rest of the painting. Thus, making each work feel as if it was like this all along. This is especially true with his most recent still life paintings where Dave juxtapose junk food alongside beautiful fruits and followers.

Another excellent example of when Pollot perfectly pairs old with new is below in this Super Mario work. Mario and the piranha plant that you often see in the classic game is placed perfectly within the beautiful landscape painting of an old cottage in a field. So go ahead and scroll down to view more of these beautiful works of old and new.


Artist Social: @davepollotart