Alexey Kondakov blends classical paintings with urban life in ‘The Daily Life of Gods’ collage series

‘The Daily Life of Gods’ a collage art series by Alexey Kondakov

Meet Alexey Kondakov the Ukrainian art director. In his series is titled ‘The Daily Life of Gods’ and within this body of work, Alexey blends beautiful women, angels, and other subjects from various Renaissance, and Neoclassical art perfectly into today’s urban environment in his digital collage style. The concept for the series came out of one simple idea, what if these beautiful angels were to visit our world. We see them riding the subway, hanging clothes to dry, and even dancing in the club nude. Kondakov is not the first artist to fuse pop culture and daily life with classical paintings but his standout as they feel real as if these charters were always here among us.


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Images © Alexey Kondakov

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