Beauty in simplicity, a look at Andhika Ramadhian

Beauty in simplicity, a look at Andhika Ramadhian

Sometimes less is more and that’s absolutely the case when it comes to the work of Andhika Ramadhian.  Andhika is a multi-talented graphic designer based in Indonesia, and in his own words he “always enjoys creating good looking stuff,” and that’s exactly what he does. His style is simple yet beautiful, he often uses bright or moody shades of colors that radiate a feeling of joy that are pleasant to the viewer. Andhika then adds a single or at most just a few other elements, sometimes it’s a single person, other times its multiple street lamps or a storefront. What is always consistent is his style, when you see his work you can tell he made it no matter how minimal the image is the colors, the subjects, the story, it’s all their within one simplistic image.


Artist Instagram: @andhikaramadhian

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