Beautiful collage art by Brazilian multidisciplinary artist Sephora Venites

Beautiful collage art by Brazilian multidisciplinary artist Sephora Venites

Art is built upon the foundation of influence and perspective. Influence in the way that our surroundings and experiences impact our ability to construct our own ideas and what becomes of them. Perspective in the way that the artist or the observer sees the world and therefore perceives the art in a related context to it.

Sephora Venites, a Brazilian multidisciplinary artist, uses art as a “chance to narrate the perception of the world.” [Laura Francesca Di Trapani; Art historian and independent curator.] This concept is demonstrated by allowing the world to use her art as a conduit for relaying ideas, moments, and perspectives, most commonly demonstrated from the point of view of a female subject. 

Sephora explores many mediums of art but her collage art, in particular, simulates a journey of sorts. A journey through shapes, exemplified by her use of cubism in her collage pieces. A journey through color, shown by her deeply saturated and colorful palette. And finally a journey through the observers’ own mind giving the onlooker a chance to project their own experience onto or through the piece. 

Sephoras art is unique in the way that it can speak to anyone and provide a glimpse of never-before-seen perspectives of the world. Sephoras art is also unique in the way that it is as beautiful as it is eye-catching, captivating, and thought-provoking. To observe her work is to discern for yourself the meaning of her art and to explore the influence behind it. 

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