Images © Akihiro Yoshida for Nendo

Nendo presents the grid-bonsai a 3D-printed tree to start your Bonsai journey

Nendo presents the grid-bonsai a 3D-printed tree to start your Bonsai journey. 

As much as people love to collect plants not everyone has a green thumb. You may often hear people obsessing over these tiny trees called “Bonsai Trees” and may want one yourself, but they can be some of the most difficult to take care of and could be hard to get your hands on in the first place. Bonsai is a traditional Japanese art form where Bonsai artists cultivate and design small plants inside pots meant to look like larger trees and landscapes. After bending and pruning the branches and making sure the tree receives the proper amount of water and sun the artist also will add bits of moss, rocks, and other items to complete the full landscape look.

This is where the “grid-bonsai” comes in, designed by the Japanese design studio Nendo, the product is a puzzle-like object meant to allow consumers a more user-friendly experience when getting into Bonsai. It’s a 3D-printed tree made to be shaped like a Bonzai would, you can even manipulate the tree yourself using the traditional Bonsai scissors to create your own desired look. This way you can experience the process without all the headaches involved with a living plant. 

Source: Find more info on the Nendo website here.

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Images © Akihiro Yoshida for Nendo