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“Edition of 2021” accessible art objects Presented by La Pamplona

“Edition of 2021” a collection of accessible art objects Presented by La Pamplona

Art not only serves the traditional role of decorating a physical space, but it can also carry with it a range of intense emotions that inspire your mood and shape your being.  However, finding affordable art can often be a challenge, especially with the pandemic putting a financial strain on collectors around the world. 

La Pamplona, an Austria-based art studio, decided to meet this increasing demand for accessible art.  The project titled “Edition of 2021” enables you to bring inspiring art pieces, creatively designed by international artists and forged through a blend of craftsmanship and technology, to your home.  Every piece of art in this collection is limited to 2021 editions, each of which is created from porcelain to represent the paradoxical human characteristics of frailty and strength that have become so evident in this past year.

“Snowman” was a collaboration with Ukrainian artist Julia Beliaeva.  This piece was inspired by the artist’s childhood in Murmansk.  Beliaeva’s work traditionally consists of sculptures and installations made in an array of mediums, including Soviet-style porcelain. 

“Santa” is a miniature porcelain version of a previous work made out of wood by Brazilian artist Maria Eugênia Baptista.  “Santa” was inspired by the artist’s religious belief in something more powerful, as well as the strength of individuals’ encounters.

All the editions are available on La Pamplona’s website here.

SNOWMAN by Julia Beliaeva

Material: White Glossy Porcelain 

Height: 22cm

Width: 16cm

Depth: 15cm

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SANTA by Maria Eugênia Baptista

Material: White Glossy Porcelain 

Height: 30cm

Width: 14cm

Depth: 11cm

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Images © La Pamplona

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