‘Rayuela’ a series of wooden sculptures by Willy Verginer

‘Rayuela’ a series of wooden sculptures by Willy Verginer

Italian artist Willy Verginer is known for his figurative wooden sculptures which focus more on creating dreamlike scenes and surreal elements rather than realism. Using realistic wooden sculptures of adolescent figures accompanied by magical imagery like floating orbs. Much like Verginer’s other works we see a minimalist approach to painting of these sculptures with most of them keeping a natural wood look with the other half being painted in sold monochromatic colors. 

This new series is titled ‘Rayuela’ a Spanish term, which, when translating to English means Hopscotch. ‘Rayuela’ is also the name of a novel by writer Julio Cortázar, the novel was written in a way to allow you to start it at any point. Cortázar himself said the book could be read in two different ways, from chapter one to fifty-six, or by ‘hopscotching’ through the chapters so each reader could find his own unique path. This book and the series uses hopscotch in the literal sense of a game. Hopscotch is a child’s game where you toss a stone within chalk-drawn squares, then you jump until you reach the stone. Verginer expands on this idea and connects it to our everyday lives, similar to hopscotch we set goals for ourselves and must manage to jump from one obstacle to the next to reach our final destination. 


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Images © Willy Verginer