Paul Couch’s minimalist concrete home is a testament of beauty in design

Paul Couch’s minimalist concrete home is a testament to beauty in design

Architecture Photographer Tom Ross ( with the help of architects James Mugavin and Michael Roper) has set out to document the works of Australian architect Paul Couch into a comprehensive booklet. What makes this project so interesting is the fact that most of Paul’s works have not been documented, so this booklet will be the first look into all of Couch’s projects. Today we take a look at one of the most intimate projects, a personal home he built by hand for his wife and him located in Victoria, Australia. 

Located on 50 acres of bushland, it took Couch a span of twenty years to complete the project. The home is wider than it is tall while being constructed out of concrete and wood, it’s a contemporary home and is very minimalistic. The outer walls are flat with the texture of the concrete providing it with more character. The insides floors are concrete or stone with the ceiling being made of gorgeous stained wooden planks creating a more relaxed and natural contrast to the sometimes cold flooring. The ceiling to floor windows also helps to open up the home and provide plenty of natural sunlight and a view to the surrounding brush. 


Photos © Tom Ross (His website here / His Instagram here. )

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