Psychedelic Trip, a look at Miles Johnston

Psychedelic Trip, a look at Miles Johnston

Do you like trippy surreal art that makes you feel warm on the inside? Well, say hey to artist Miles Johnston and his stunning works. Most of his work is drawings but he is also a phenomenal painter. Johnston was born in the UK in 1993 and at the age of 18 went to study at the Swedish Academy of Realist Art, where he now works. His work found much success online and has allowed him to present his works around the world.

Miles’s work is all about taking our inner emotions and showcasing them in a physical form. These emotions, however, are for the viewer to decide. In one drawing we see a woman’s face sunken into her head, personally I view this as an expression of overwhelming stress or anxiety. In another work, we see a woman smoking while her faces multiples into herself. This could possibly be showcasing a feeling of her being lost in her current moment of life.

While most of these feelings are sad or frustrating. These works of art are also beautiful, trippy, and oh so much fun to look at! How about you as the viewer scroll on down and take a look for yourself and see what kind of emotions you feel.

“I have a strong sense that art makes the world a better place, and I am giving all I can to be of service in this way. My work means whatever it means to you.” – Miles Johnston


Artist Social: @miles_art

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