Leonardo Finotti

A Minimalist cabin getaway in Curucaca Valley, Brazil

A Minimalist Getaway designed By Minimod and Mapa

Prefabricated building company Minimod and Mapa (an architecture company based out of Porto Alegre Brazil)  have come together once again to create another equally unique and innovative building. The black wooden cabin is made of cross-laminated timber and is supported by above-ground stilts. The contemporary styled building is built off-site and transported to its permanent location (on a small glade located in Curucaca Valley.)  

The cabin measures 90 square meters. An arguably perfect size. The cabin is furnished with vastness in mind. The furniture is of neutral colors biding with the contemporary flair. Its minimalistic design makes the cabin feel even larger. The windows and sliding glass doors provide a striking view of the surrounding rainforest. The seemingly unusual choice of a grass plotted roof gives the cabin an even greater unity with its surrounding environment.   

Although being of seemingly small stature this cabin brings a wide-ranging and airy feel to anyone who happens to abide there. Making the cabin a perfect stay for any getaway.     

Source: https://mapaarq.com/en/work/mcu/

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