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“I don’t do art, I materialize emotions…,” a look at Fauves

 “I don’t do art, I materialize emotions…”. This is what it states on Fauve’s artist bio on his Instagram (@lefauves). Fauves is an artist, one of many skills and talents, the main one being a painter. Most of his work is pop culture heavy, and although it is pop culture heavy, he is able to create a sense of meaning behind it, something that pop culture artists tend to struggle with, unless you’re Jeff Koons comparing pop culture to the moment his son made a weird sound in front of a pile of play-doh.

         Viewing works by Fauves is extravagant, and I’m sure they are even more exciting to view in person. One thing I will say is that his work always makes me wonder about his work process. When I first viewed works by Fauves, I thought his pieces were computer generated via digital painting, as the transition between the smoothness and messiness of his paints seemed nearly unrealistic. But upon closer inspection, and viewing his newer works, you are reminded that there is an actual person behind these works of art with the way he stacks his paint and places certain colors and subjects in certain areas. Another interesting aspect of Fauves is the masks that he uses to mask himself and seal his identity. He is able to create these masks in the same style that he creates his paintings, turning his two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional sculptures which are wearable.

         Another thing about viewing artwork by Fauves is the emotion it tends to throw at the viewer. The neo-expressionistic style mixed along with pop culture references gives the viewer feelings you can’t obtain from regular pop culture artwork. It’s the neo-expressionistic style that gives the pop culture references a sense of sadness or anger. Even works that depict smiling cartoon characters or just random smiles thrown in feel almost forced as if the characters don’t even want to be here in the first place.

         One thing that is for sure is that Fauves has definitely made a name for himself and has created a style that is recognizable as his own. I hope I get to view works in by Fauves in person one day. I can only imagine the spiritual connection one must feel standing right before one of his works.


Also, Fauves has an upcoming solo show named “All is Lost”. It will be held on the 23rd of May in LA, Hollywood Hills. For more information on this show or other upcoming shows that Fauves is going to be a part of, give him a follow on Instagram.

Artist Links: @lefauves

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Authors Instagram: @famoisdead


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