Views of Tokyo with artist Shinji Tsuchimonchi

Views of Tokyo with artist Shinji Tsuchimonchi

Shinji Tsuchimonchi is a Tokyo-based artist seeking to bring back the beautiful art of Ukiyo-e ( a genre of Japanese art which experienced its peak during the 17th – 19th century categorized by an artist-generated woodblock print), with a contemporary twist. 

In his project titled, “ Reiwa Shinganga” Shinji brings to life the city of Tokyo. With his vibrant and incredible illustrations of landscapes, buildings, and people.  With clean and deliberate lines and a range of muted to brightly saturated colors. Shinji creates a uniquely captivating depth only found in his brilliant work. 

Shinji blinds the real-world landscape of Tokyo in with cartoon aspects like monkeys driving cars, and cats and bears wandering the city streets at night. With his manga-style drawings, he offers the onlooker with detailed reflective experience of the most culturally rich and eye-catching abridged scopes of the great city of Tokyo. 

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