The Lane Cafe Maze By Matthew Haussler 2017

The art of Mazes, a project by Matthew Haussler (Maze 2020)

The art of Mazes, a project by Matthew Haussler (Maze 2020)

Mazes, a visually and mentally stimulating exercise, almost as old as time, bringing joy and a feeling of accomplishment that is unmatched to this day. Someone is bringing new life to mazes in an innovative project titled Maze 2020. Eighteen equally creative artists aim to bring together the maze art community in the form of a yearly recurring limited art book. 

This artbook will feature eighteen artists, four of them being world record breakers of the “world’s largest hand-drawn maze” record. Joe Wos (maze toons), Matthew Haussler (MatthewsMazes), Eric J Eckert (idrawmazes), and Michelle Boggess-Nunley.  Each of these eighteen artists brings unique skills to the table resulting in a truly first of its kind collection of mazes. Appealing to both young and old this art book is fun for anyone who loves to enjoy mazes and beautifully intricate artwork. 

The curator and visionary behind this groundbreaking project, Matthew Haussler describes why he felt compelled to pursue this project in this quote. 

“I made a living drawing mazes from 2013-2017, and created this collaborative effort as a means to give back to the maze drawing community and help give all existing and future mazes artists a larger platform to share their art.” 

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Dreamsnake 2013 By Michael Wallenfels
The Lane Cafe Maze By Matthew Haussler 2017
Freeways 2001 By Roxie Munro
Spore 2017 By Sean C Jackson
Hawaii 2020 By Ben Uelk
Double Shapey 2020 By Ben Pawlowski
JamieFoy 2019 By idrawmazes

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