Wormhole Library, look at the MAD’s Architects new project

Wormhole Library, look at the MAD’s Architects new project

MAD Architects lead by Ma Yansong recently released the design for the Wormhole Library that is currently under construction. The library is located on the coast of Haikou, Hainan Province in China, and will serve as a space for visitors to escape their everyday lives while reading and enjoying the view. The building is expected to be finished sometime in 2021. The structure is cast of white concrete as one unit connecting the entire structure. Various sizes of holes will serve as the windows for the library letting in large amounts of natural light.

“The interior is composed of two parts: a 690-square-meter (7,430-square-foot) reading space that can store approximately 10,000 books, a café, and a terrace; and a 300-square-meter (3,230-square-foot) public rest area that is equipped with a bicycle parking system, public bathrooms, and shower areas.

To ensure accuracy and seamlessness across the curved surfaces, the building is being cast using both a CNC and 3D printed model. All MEP has been designed to be hidden within the concrete cavity to minimize its appearance and create visual consistency. Curved sliding doors and retractable glass curtain walls not only provide views of the sea but also enhance overall airflow and ventilation. In response to local weather conditions, the roof on the sunny side is cantilevered to achieve comfortable temperatures, realizing a sustainable and energy-saving building.” (From MAD )

Sources (http://www.i-mad.com/press/mads-wormhole-library-creates-a-dreamscape-by-the-south-china-sea/)

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