Colorful Playfulness with mixed media, a look at Evaldas Gulbinas

Colorful Playfulness with mixed media, a look at Evaldas Gulbinas

Muti-media artist Evaldas Gulbinas was born in Lithuania and now resides in London. With his playful style, bright colors, and creative choice of materials Evaldas taps into a childlike wonder inside the viewer. Often using a range of mediums to present his art like paintings, sculptures, and even digital works. Aside from his contemporary art he also has been creating tattoos for people out of various studios in London. 

In his works below that have been featured in different exhibitions, we see sculptures made of wood, clay, and polystyrene. These works mix between abstract, surreal, and contemporary art. Along with these sculptures and paintings, Evaldas also creates beautiful illustrations and tattoo works. While most of his tattoo creations are black and white they still hold on to the playfulness of his traditional artworks. In an article featured on artrevealmagazine this is what he had to say about his tattoos and creative works. 

My project is to work and create unique tattoo pieces on people skins, which gives me satisfaction from work and money, as well. After been graduated in BA Hons fine art mixed media, I felt, that I can create more and more-do good for people and change their life’s, though my creativity. In the past BA Hons fine art mixed I have gain skills which I want to use to change people life’s and do good for them.” – Evaldas Gulbinas

If it’s not clear already Evaldas is a creative born to be an artist. From his constant journey through the academic world attending the National M. K. Ciurlionis School of Art in Vilnius, Lithuania, and getting his BA in Fine arts and Mixed Media from the University of Westminster, to his creative process, exhibitions, and marvelous tattoo work. He truly eats, sleeps, and breaths his art.

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