Hyperrealistic Drawings, a look at Cj Hendry

Hyperrealistic artworks by Cj Hendry

Hyperrealistic artworks created with color pencils, at first you think its a photograph but as you look deeper into the art of Cj Hendry your mind is blown with the realization these are all created out of nothing more than some pencils and paper. She is an Australian artist whose full name is Catherine Jenna Hendry, she goes by Cj Hendry on Instagram and has used the platform to not only showcase her art to more people but to make a carrier out of it. With some works selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars she has become an artist superstar. 

A lot of her old works depict luxury items in black and white such as designer handbags, Chanel No.5, and the coolest of them all the Nike air mags which were a drawing of her real Air Mags which she dipped in black paint for a reference. Her recent works are much more colorful, such as my personal favorites, which look like strokes of bright-colored paints, these works look so real it confused quite a number of people in our comment section. 

We also can not forget about the incredible works featured in her last solo show titled “RORSCHACH.”  The show was not in a gallery or museum but was set up in an empty warehouse in Brooklyn. The works themselves are created to look like cards from the Rorshach Test, which is a psychological test in which the patient is shown cards each with a mirrored image on them. These tests are used to learn more about an individual’s personality and emotions. Cj’s works in this show are just like these cards as they are mirrored shapes expert hers are not black and white but are full of vibrant colors. To top it all off these amazing works are not just placed around some empty warehouse but they are displayed within a bouncy castle type maze meant to resemble the white padded rooms in psychiatric wards.

Artist Instagram: @cj_hendry

Artist website: https://cjhendry.live/

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