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Secret Life of Heroes, a look at Grégoire Guillemin

Secret Life of Heroes, a look at Grégoire Guillemin

Do Ever wonder what superheroes and Disney characters do in there free time? Pop artists Greg “Léon” Guillemin is here to answer just that. Born in 1967 Greg worked as an artistic director for 20 years before deciding in 2010 to pursue a solo art carrier. He has found much success in the last 9 years, most notably with his series titled “Secret Life of Heros.” 

In this series, he showcases different superheroes in their everyday lives. Doing mundane task like eating, shaving, smoking, and more. Reminiscent of works by Roy Lichtenstein, Greg’s art stands out by being more humorous and relevant to today’s pop culture. With his use of bright colors, famous characters, and easy to grasp style its no wonder he has found such success.

Words By Jacob Johnson | Art By Greg “Léon” Guillemin


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