Embroidery Beauty, a look at Sheena Liam (Times New Roman)

Embroidery Beauty, a look at Sheena Liam (Times New Roman)

Malaysian Born artist and model Sheena Liam has gained over three hundred thousand followers on Instagram by showcasing her beautiful and interesting embroidery work. She learned the craft from her mother and has used this medium as a way to express herself and to relax between work and travels.

Her artworks always consist of a female character that is or resembles Sheena herself.  Each work is done with green sewing string. What stands out most of all is the hair in each work with it sometimes being braided and flowing of the board. Each work also depicts the character always relaxing, either reading a book with a cup of coffee or tea or just laying around appearing to contemplate over life. The real magic is how these works make one feel at ease and create a vibe of relaxation and escape from the stress of one’s daily job.

Words By Jacob Johnson | Artist Sheena Liam (Times New Roman)

“In a strange way modelling parallels my art in the sense I often have to use body language as means of expressing a certain sort of mood. It’s no different from my embroideries.”

Sheena had her first solo exhibition in October 2018 with Item Gallery


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