Smithe street art and illustration art

Artist Smithe’s Psychedelic and Sci-Fi World

Mexican Artist Smithe is creating a trippy and interesting world with heavy influence from Sci-Fi and his Mexican culture.  He is a full-time Freelance illustrator and has worked with many clients on commercial work. Overall his heart lies in his spontaneous and fun personal creations.

A lot of his recent works take subjects and expand them to showcase the weirdness underneath. Creating a  very Psychedelic type of look. Which most of the time consists of some type of robotics mixed with human anatomy. Some of his works seem dark and bleak while others are bright and full of fun. Some even feel dark and mysterious while being full of vibrant colors.

Starting off as a graffiti writer he is not new to the street art scene. And he really knows how to use a wall as a canvas as you will see below. His works can fit any medium he sees fit. As they are simple enough to create in a large format and complex enough to keep the viewer engaged for hours trying to notice each little detail.

Knowledge Box. / Casablanca, Marruecos – 2015 


Corpus Dream / Silkscreen 100 pzs.

SXSW-12 / Mercadorama Showcase

” there’s a lot of talent here in Mexico city. I think the illustration and street art scene has grown very quickly and now lots of brands are looking for Mexican artists to work with. as a consequence a lot of the work is very commercial, people who have more potential just going through the motions and I don’t like that. ” – Smithe

They Live – Screen Print for Mucho Machismo



“Un Paseo” / Acrilico Sobre Madera / 2010

Coachella 2015, Design I made for the C15

Mantenimiento / Serigrafía (80X50c.m.)

Mantenimiento 2

Bad Until The Bones / Silckscreen 80 X 50 c.m.

UNAWARE 1 – Acrylic on Canvas – 100 x 80 c.m. 


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