Photographer Kata Geibl Presents ‘There is nothing new under the sun’

Photographer Kata Geibl Presents ‘There is nothing new under the sun’

Kata Geibl, a Hungarian photographer, is challenging our perception of the world and how capitalism affects its resources with her crisp, engaging, and thought-provoking photography. With her newest series titled, “There Is Nothing New Under The Sun”. Kata showcases our innate human need to consume.

Our economic system, being capitalism, mirrors this need by displaying the widespread phenomenon of generational greed. This greed encourages not only present generations but future generations to use and abuse our earth for our own monetary needs.  Kata further explains this mirroring effect in this quote,As an artist, I always try to reflect on our contemporary culture and the world we live in, to mirror what happens in our society”. 

Preserving the earth is a needed priority in today’s society In order to create a stable and bright future for years to come. Kata explains how our constant wanting for the most flawless product only hinders this noble venture in this quote, “We crave perfectionism and at the same time use the Earth’s resources as if there is no tomorrow”.  Kata’s photographs featuring subjects such as glaciers, animals, and “Greek god-like” athletes. Are as aesthetically pleasing as they are mentally stimulating. Providing the observer with a unique juxtaposition between environment, consumerism, and this thing called life that is ever so evolving.

Source: The artist’s website here.

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Images © Kata Geibl