Environment-friendly treehouse on the coast of Costa Rica

Environment-friendly treehouse on the coast of Costa Rica

A surfers paradise is the best way to describe this three-story treehouse built right in the middle of the forest overlooking the sandy beach of Costa Rica. Designed by Seattle-based company Olson Kundig Architects for a surfer client. Not only does is this client a surfer but they are an environmentalist so the project has to be environment friendly and leave as small of a footprint as possible. If your goal is to take up less space the obvious direction to build is up, and that’s exactly what they did!

To make sure they utilize resources in the best way possible the house was build-out of locally harvested teak wood and designed to be open to the environment. Using doubled-screen operable wood shutters you are able to maintain privacy at times while still having the natural air flowing in from the surrounding semi-tropical environment. 

The three stories are not only great for increasing the size of the home without widening the home’s footprint by they server a visual and almost story like purpose. Each level of the home opens up to a different section of the land. The bottom floor is ground level while the middle is nestled within the trees and the top overlooks the very top of the trees while providing a view to the beach down the hill.

Sources: https://olsonkundig.com/projects/costa-rica-treehouse/

Images by https://niclehoux.com/

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