‘Avenue Road’ warehouse turned Mid-Century style home in, Dublin Ireland

‘Avenue Road’ a warehouse turned Mid-Century style home in, Dublin Ireland

Originally a studio for photographer Fionn McCann, the warehouse named ‘Avenue Road’ has been redesigned into a home for the artist and his family. The design of the home was lead by Irish architectural practice firm Clancy Moore. Per the artist’s request, they worked to blend the warehouse’s cold and industrial feel into a more mid-century style home.Throughout the home, the concrete floor remains the same as well as concrete support pillars and steel support beans (beans painted white as to not stand out so much.)

The living room takes advantage of the warehouse’s structure by maintaining the high ceiling while letting in the natural sunlight that fills the room from the above four skylights. These two features together create a more open and spacious feeling compared to the other rooms such as the bedrooms, office, and kitchen which feature much lower ceilings commonly found in mid-century homes. Not only do the lower ceilings create a much more cozy atmosphere but they also provide space for the rooms upstairs. These sets of rooms are separated with one half being for the children and the other half for the adults with stairs for each side.

We can’t forget the beautiful and minimalist furniture that fills this space. The entire feeling of the home is brought together with the use of the mid-century style furniture. Starting with its leather sofas to it’s Marcel Breuer’s 1928 S 32 Thonet Chair. And to fill these blanks walls you will find beautifully framed photos taken by the owner of the home himself Fionn McCann.


Sources: https://www.clancymoore.com/ 


Photo credit to Fionn McCann http://fionnmccann.com/

Artist Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fionnmccann/

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