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Separating from reality, a look at illustrations by Dani Choi 

Separating from reality, a look at illustrations by Dani Choi 

As you examine the illustrations by Dani Choi you end up with more questions than answers and a desire to see more. Born in South Korea and now based in Brooklyn, Dani Choi moved to the United States to attend the School of Visual Arts where she graduated with her MFA. While in university she began to lean toward creating digital illustrations as they provided the tools she needed for her ever elaborate and colorful art. Her level of storytelling through visuals is quite impressive with each client project feeling unique in its own way whether she is working for Apple, The New York Times, or Bloomberg.

Growing up her dad introduced her to the world of cinema and she became intrigued by the stories and visuals she was able to experience through each film. “I loved the fact that I could taste a bit of the characters’ lives without having to be one, and step into their fictional world.” told Choi in a recent interview with It’s Nice That. She later discovered the world of true stories and how even real-life events could be just as interesting. We see this connection between reality and fiction within Dani’s illustrations. This surreal style allows Choi’s works to tackle a serious topic while offering a feeling of distance by using such colorful and imaginative elements. 

“I hope the viewers experience the feeling of alienation and separation from the real world when looking at my work.” – Dani Choi (Via It’s Nice That)

illustrations by Dani Choi surreal illustrations by Dani Choi surreal illustrations by Dani Choi surreal

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Images © Dani Choi

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