GelCream a minimalistic approach to lifestyle product reviews

GelCream a minimalistic approach to lifestyle product reviews

Photography has many niches within its diverse framework. But makeup and beauty review photography is as unique as they come. This combination of product review and deeply saturated and crisp photographic images help us to understand what products we will potentially be purchasing and how they function. Gelcream is the epitome of this very newfound, very mysterious concept.

Gelcream is founded an ran by no other than Yana Sheptovetskaya, a Moscow-born visionary. Being a previous fashion editor at Russian vogue and acting as managing director of fashion brand A.W.A.K.E.  may very well be the inspiration behind Gelcreams subject matter. 

The overall pursuit behind Gelcream is to create a less demanding feed of eye-catching, minimalistic, and informative posts for its followers. Maybe we all need a little Gelcream in our lives. A more curated and advertisement free solution to the worlds often pandering like expressions.


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