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“Flowing water, Standing time” Robotic clothing by Ying Gao

“Flowing water, Standing time” Robotic clothing by Ying Gao

Ying Gao is a Montreal-based designer specializing in fashion, product, and media design. In her latest project Ying draws her inventiveness from the documentation of the experiences of  Oliver Sacks’s M.D. (a neurologist and professor of neurology at NYU school of medicine) patients. One man in particular all through being middle-aged perceived himself to be the age of 19. But upon looking in a mirror he then seems to revert back to his middle-aged self. 

Ying reflects this story in the way that her garments are in a constant state of alteration. “Formed from silicone, glass, organza, and electronic devices. They are capable of adjusting their shape in reaction to the chromatic spectrum” (Emily Grundon for

The fickleness of the function of the garment reflects the uncertainty of life by acting like a liquid form that changes depending on the factor of its surrounding environment. Giving the garment an almost live expression.  The intrinsic design of the garment shows how the attention to detail in this project resulted in a never seen before expression of prepossessing craftsmanship.  In this project Yings, unique and creative interpretation of the fluctuation of life reminds us all of the malleability of our experience of the present. 


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