Intimate Portraits, a look at Mehran Djojan

Intimate Portraits, a look at Mehran Djojan

Meet Mehran Djojan the 25-year-old Berlin-based photographer who has been making big waves in the photography world with his intense and moody portraits. His older works are much more surreal and experimental. Djoian said he would often struggle with bringing his inner thoughts to life. This is when he took a year break and finally found his style and learned how to manifest his concept into a physical image.

While still somewhat surreal his works feel more personal now, more grounded and intimate. Often shot in very dim lighting in the early morning or late afternoon Mehran does this to invoice a type of mood with each image, he wants the viewer to feel what he felt during the shoot. These specific chooses that Mehran makes are what drives the emotion of each image. 

He has a way of taking what would otherwise be a normal straight forward portrait and elevating it to a more intense and intimate image, with each image appearing more like a snapshot of a movie than a stagged shoot.  



Artist IG: @mehrandjojan/

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