Cyberpunk Wonderland, a look at Vinne

Cyberpunk Wonderland, a look at Vinne

As a child, I grew up watching the anime series Dragon Ball Z. One summer, in particular, I would spend all day swimming then spend the night watching and playing Dragon Ball Z. This week I had all those fond memories flooding over me as I came across the work of the digital artist, Vinne. If you have never wanted to be a gun-toting, sword welding, anime bad-ass before then after seeing his work you will!

He comes from the country of Brazil and has grown a massive fan base. Only 18 years old, Vinne has found a style all his own by mixing his three interest anime, streetwear, and ninja culture. In his artworks, you see his characters wearing futuristic versions of clothing by brands like adidas, OFF-WHITE,  Nike, and more.

What’s even more amazing is the new project Vinne is working on. It is titled SHIMEKIRI # 1 and it’s his first ever comic book. “Shimekiri (Deadline) is my first comic ever. A short story focused on two sisters (the girls that I draw). This is a big project for me, I have time to do it now and I’ll do my best to give to you a cool story with cool characters. Let’s talk more about how it will be! I have plans for 60 pages, 10 per chapter, 6 chapters.” Vinne posted on Instagram a few weeks ago.

If you are interested in supporting him you can donate at his Ko-Fi page or you can buy a print of his art. Now go imagine yourself as a cool anime character!


Sources: Artist social media.