Vintage Collage art by Eugenia Loli

Vintage Collage art by Eugenia Loli

A Nurse, computer programmer, and technology journalist these are all jobs Eugenia Loli did before following her passion for creating art. Originally born in Greece and moving around the world, Loli today finds herself living in the US. Since moving into the ‘art world’ she has been shown in many printed magazines as well as had her artworks featured in movies (“Replicas” (2018), and “The 9th Life of Louis Drax” (2016), and created the cover art for over thirty different books. 

She uses vintage magazines and various types of scientific publications to create her beautiful surreal collage art. For Eugenia, it’s impossible to make art without meaning. Each one of her works has a narrative, sometimes being funny and sarcastic while other times horrific. It is up to the viewer to soak up the art and find the story within. 



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