Koons Auction: Blast Off

         Words By Famo

Look, we all know who Jeff Koons is. There is no need for an introduction when it comes to the guy. He is the multimillion-dollar artist running the art world, and apparently, he’s not stopping anytime soon.

         You see, back in 1986, Koons created a series of four copies of a three-foot-tall stainless steel balloon rabbits titled Rabbit. Considering Rabbit is one of his most famous pieces, standing next to his series of balloon dogs, it’s safe to say that it’s price tag is something most people won’t even make in a lifetime. Back in 2013 at the Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale, Koons made his most expensive sale for his Balloon Dog (Orange), pricing at $58.4 million, which was actually above its $55 million estimate. Well 6 years later, estimates are showing that Koons is most likely going to be breaking his $58.4 million records once again with one of the four Rabbit pieces. Estimates are reading that Rabbit will be auctioned off for at least $50 million and at most $70 million, but to be completely honest, I feel like the price for Rabbit is going range anywhere from $75 million all the way to $100 million if Christie’s can push it hard enough (and let’s be honest, they’re going to push this shit as hard as they can.).

        Either way, whether the estimates are reached or surpassed, it will show exactly what is going on in the art market as well as whether Koons work is dying or still on the rise.  So tomorrow is definitely going to be an interesting day for both Christie’s as well as Koons. I, myself, am excited to see what is going to happen. Definitely art history in the making. I’m sure there is going to be quite a bit of trash being talked tomorrow. Till then, I am going to find out how to make $100 million by tomorrow so I can throw my bid in.