Flicka Elisa Photography Myartisreal

A Cloudy Day, a look at Flicka Elisa

Words By Jacob Johnson | Photos By Flicka Elisa 

After a day of rain, you walk out of the house and see the mist left behind. It’s a cloudy cool day, a day fit for early morning cappuccinos.  Its a day made for relaxation and meditation. The day has a calming and soothing vibe to it. These are some of my favorite days because on these days I get the most done. No one captures this type of feeling in photography more then Flicka Elisa.

Elisa’s photos are more than just a subject, they are a mood. A mood I can connect quite well with. I have never been a fan of bright sunny days, for me, I like gray cloudy rainy days. This is a mood Elisa captures perfectly. While some would view her works as sad and depressing (as these are themes she tends to lean heavily toward) for me they bring joy.

Another interesting aspect that stands out in her photos is the use of text to provide more of a story to the photos. You will find many instances of her placing two images together with one above the other and then adding text of dialog at the bottom of each. This style can turn a simple image into what feels like a scene from a movie.

Elisa is no amateur she is a fully formed artist. Her style is consistent and her composition is always well planned. Whether it’s a self-portrait or a photo of someone else her style always shines through. She is able to mold her environment to fit her needs, the photo could be in the middle of a field, a beach, or even the subway and her images will still turn out with the same emotion and mood.

Flicka Elisa Photography Myartisreal