CB Hoyo

Provocative Thoughts by a Contemporary Master, A look at CB Hoyo

  This article is fake. At least if CB Hoyo was the person behind this it would be. Or would it? CB Hoyo is an artist whose works are in the process of exploding, literally. Okay, maybe not literally exploding but you get the idea. I constantly run into images of his works while scrolling through Instagram whether he’s posting them or huge art sharing accounts are sharing them. Not only is he a genius artist, but he’s also a genius businessman. After all, Warhol did say “… good business is the best art.”. So it’s clear on why Hoyo is one of the top emerging artists in the market.

         By perfectly replicating masterpieces by the art masters and slandering over them with smart and provocative remarks directed to shame the art market, CB Hoyo has made a name for himself in a fast-paced manner. Looking at his works is always an ecstatic experience. You never know what masterpiece he’s going to be recreating next, but the most fun part is waiting to see what clever remarks he is going to vandalize over his work. Is he going to call out galleries on their shit? Or just simply state that his Warhol is as real as my love life will ever be (It’s a mess tbh, but a clean mess). Fun stuff. The remarks that he creates over pieces only make his work more engaging for the viewer, as I’m sure nearly anyone can find a connection with them.

         One of my favorite things about CB Hoyo is his interaction and engagement with his followers. It’s no wonder why he gets so much engagement with not only his artwork, but basically, anything he posts on his Instagram, like his weekly polls (which are great, but you have to be age 18+in order to participate). The excitement he creates in his work reflects onto his personality as he is one of the funniest and honest people I have had the pleasure of exchanging conversations with.

         In the end, CB Hoyo is here to fuck up the art market. He has bullets with every scam galleries, scam dealers, and basically any scam in the markets name on them. His schedule is constantly jam packed with solo and group exhibitions, and I mean packed. This month he had a solo show in Antwerp Belgium titled “It’s All Relative” along with two art fairs that were held in Peru (Peru Arte Contemporáneo and Art Lima). Not to mention, he also just designed a wine with Pasqua Wines, which is the first multi-vintage white wine. So you’re only going to keep on hearing more and more about Hoyo, he is not going anywhere anytime soon. He is here for a long stay. I’m just waiting for the moment that Sotheby’s or Christie’s is going to sell a CB Hoyo piece that says something like “Fuck the art market, I’m CB Hoyo”.


Upcoming Dates for CbHoyo:


April 29th, 2019-

         On April 29th, at 18:00 EST, CB Hoyo in collaboration with Plan X Art Gallery, is dropping a limited edition (of 30) screen print titled; “Fake Collector”. It is a 22+ layer silkscreen, sized 60×60 cm, and is going to sell out quick! So definitely visit CB Hoyo’s Instagram ( @cbhoyo ) to find out more information on where you can purchase this limited edition screen print.


May 7th, 2019-

         From the 7th through the 9th of May, CB Hoyo will have a solo show titled; “This Is Not An Art Show” in Venice at the XVI century Palazzo Boldu, Cannaregio. It will be the first Venice solo exhibition dedicated to Cb Hoyo himself. CB Hoyo will be exhibiting “new fakes” which were inspired by the great modern and contemporary masters along with Hoyo’s provocative thoughts.

CB Hoyo

CB Hoyo CB Hoyo CB Hoyo CB Hoyo CB Hoyo

Writer: Famo

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