Images © André Schulze

Surrealism and humor meet architecture in these dreamlike paintings by André Schulze

Surreal and humorous meet architecture in these dreamlike paintings by André Schulze

André Schulze is a German-based artist and grew up in Germany during the ’80s. While on cycling trips through his hometown of Dresden Schulze he would take photos of industrial architecture, rail architecture, and other nameless buildings. He would then use these photos for inspiration and references for his paintings, focusing on the beauty in the ordinary of the slowly disappearing eastern German architecture. While being influenced by real-world structures André would often infuse this with layers of surrealism, irony, and humorous elements. 

In the painting below titled ‘Laboratory,’ we see a home on the edge of the water with pink mountains bursting out of the windows and doors, while a shark circle around from behind. In another work we see a rainbow splitting a house down the middle as it moves across the landscape burning everything in its path. His minimalist style mixed with the surreal creates a truly fun viewing experience, showcasing the beauty in the homes around his town while also constructing a new set of stories for the viewer to explore and derive their own meaning.

Source: The artist website.

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Images © André Schulze