Images  © Gerard Mas

Renaissance-inspired sculptures by Gerard Mas showcase women with a more bold and empowering attitude

Renaissance-inspired sculptures by Gerard Mas 

Looking back at renaissance art we see women with blank faces, acting as society would intend for them to when in public, as life became more modern women became more empowered. Gerard Mas takes the renaissance woman and depicts them in a way they might behave if they were alive today. Based in Barcelona, Gerard Mas began his career restoring old works of art, his love for these works and style inspired him to create his own with a contemporary twist.

“I thought about the millions of attitudes and situations that old artworks couldn’t capture because they were simply inappropriate for a lady in the 15th century,” Mas explained to Vice.

These women subjects remain dressed modestly with perfectly done-up hair but with a more bold attitude. Showing not a care in the world while they do things like blow a bubble of gum, suck on a lollipop or stick their tongue out. In another work, we see the women’s bikini tan line and bright red sunburn. With his use of traditional techniques and materials like clay, wood, and marble, Gerard is able to perfectly blend the past and present into realistic figurative sculptures.



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Images  © Gerard Mas