Expressing one’s inner self, a look at Indiangiver (Cheyenne Randall)

Expressing one’s inner self, a look at Indiangiver

I have been a fan of Indiangivers ( Cheyenne Randall) work for quite some time. He is known for photoshopping a whole lot of tattoos onto celebrates and various iconic figures. Growing up making art alongside his artist father Cheyenne was always creating, but it wasn’t until he was in his 30’s when he discovered photoshop. With the use of technology, he is more easily able to find and manipulate photos. While most of the work takes place in photoshop he is also very skilled in painting and using wheat paste, which is how he transfers these images onto walls around the world. 

Randall believes tattoos to be a way of showing the outside world what we feel makes us who we are on the inside. He uses tattoos on celebrities as a clever way to shine a light on our obsession with them, and because he uses these images of people we all recognize his work is immediately remembered. There are also the works of Cheyenne that focus more heavily on his ancestry and his background as a Native American. This is also embedded in his moniker Indiangiver, which is a term used to describe someone who has either gifted you an item and later takes it back or expects something of equal value in return. (  Randall has taken the phrase and used it in a more positive way. Maybe to even represent how he is giving art to the world yet he does not ask for anything in return.


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