Myartisreal Podcast Episode One: WOLFDOG

Myartisreal Podcast Episode One: WOLFDOG

Storytelling has been the driving force behind all my creative endeavors and enjoyment of various arts. Since the beginning of time, we have told stories to entertain, it’s like a substance we need to survive almost. Not only do these stories entertain us but they teach us about life. I started the Myartisreal Podcast back in the fall of 2019 doing the standard podcast format of a host and guest doing the interview and uploading it. When I went back and listened to the episodes however I was completely bored. Soon I discovered a new format for podcasting which was to have a guest tell their story and for the host to come in with important narration that would guide the episode along and keep it on a path from beginning to end. So we recently relaunched the podcast with this new style in mind.


This style of podcasting I discovered was so fun for me to listen to I would then binge these episodes. After searching in the art world I couldn’t find any podcast that utilized this style so here we are. With each episode of the podcast going forward you will not find any boring back-and-forth hour-long interviews. What you will find is stories, stories about the lives and experiences of individuals in the art world. Stories of struggle, stories of heartache, but at the end of each episode, these stories will allow us to view the works of art with a new understanding.

The first episode titled “WOLFDOG” is now live for you to listen to. This episode follows the life of Ash WOLFDOG Hayner and how he found himself surrounded by big-time artists at such a young age and the good and bad this would cause him as he tried to navigate life in his early 20s. This is a story of triumph and perseverance in the face of failure. You can follow the link here and pick your preferred streaming service to listen to now!

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New Episodes will be coming out every other Monday from here on out. If you enjoy the podcast please share it with your friends. This podcast is a labor of love and is fully recorded and edited by me. 

Thank you to everyone who follows and supports Myartisreal. – Jacob

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