Images © ICA Miami, by Zachary Balber

‘Boogey Men’ an exhibition by Hugh Hayden

‘Boogey Men’ an exhibition by Hugh Hayden

‘Boogey Men’ the latest exhibition by artist Hugh Hayden explores the complexities of American politics and our role within the world. Trained architect Hugh is known for his brilliantly crafted large wooden sculptures and this current exhibition features one of his most monumental to date, a massive skeleton sculpture titled ‘Roots.’ This sculpture was carved from a Cyprus tree, and features large branches that cover the entire work. The work represents a family tree as the wood used was directly sourced from Louisana where his mother grew up.

At the center of the first room is the sculpture that the show lends its name from. “Boogey Man” is a large work of painted stainless steel shaped to represent a cop car covered up by a white sheet. The sheet has holes that act as eyes which gives the work a softer more cartoonish feeling at first glance, however, the work represents something more sinister as you notice its resemblance to a klansmen robe making a powerful and well-executed statement on police brutality.

The exhibition is currently on view at ICA Miami for you to enjoy in person. Also dive deeper into the meaning of these works on ICA’s website here.

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Images © ICA Miami, by Zachary Balber

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