18 Husk Figures support the “Round Table” Sculpture by Choe U-Ram

18 Husk Figures support the “Round Table” Sculpture by Choe U-Ram

Known for his groundbreaking kinetic sculptures Choe U-Ram has been showcasing his works around the world since the early 90s. Over the years of his carrier, he has explored the meaning of our human existence through his sculptures. His latest work is featured at the Nation Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Korea. The exhibition is the MMCA Hyundai Moter Series 2022 show and features kinetic installation works by Choe. The work that grabbed us the most was “Round Table.”

“Round Table” is an installation work that features 18 headless straw figures that are all crouched down to hold on their backs a large black table. On top of the table is one single straw head and as the head rolls toward one edge the figure will try to claim it as its own while in the process allowing it to roll further away. “It’s a game of no-win situation – where no one can assert their claims on the single head,” said U-Ram.

Hanging above the round table we see three large black bird sculptures by Choe. This is left up to the viewer to interpret into their own meaning but it could possibly represent the upper class looking down on the struggles of the working class husk figures.

Artist website.

Video by Kim Mariia

Source: https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/


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