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Interview with Revolue

Interview with Revolue

We recently curated an online group exhibition titled “Hello, I love you” and you can view it here. We asked six artists to be a part of it and Revolue was ready to be a part of it before I even asked! Since messaging Myartisreal back in 2016 we have gone on to collaborate on various shows and projects over the years. His works have always been powerful, while working on the fly each work is infused with emotion that you can feel. What I like most about Revolue’s works is the longer you look at the more details you begin to see and before long you finally understand the entire story.

What is your first memory of being creative? (Project, specific artwork, etc.)

Since I was 8, 9 I remember me playing with LEGO and trying to use all pieces available to create something, then I just start painting the “LEGO sculpture” 

I also used to open all electronics I had around to look inside, discovering how it worked, etc…


When do you realize what you were making was art?

When people outside family and friends start to ask me about it and when some school friends copied my ideas, techniques, etc…

I and you have been working together and been friends for quite some time. I think about 4 or 5 years. From our first exhibition to this one so much has changed. How has your work evolved to what is it today do you feel like a different person now?

Yes… it’s good that we could keep our friendship, it’s also important because we can discuss art from a different point of view. Every day we are different, every time we wake up is a new version of ourselves. I feel myself always changing and of course, it reflect on my way to create/paint things. btw, I’m always trying to push outside the comfort zone, there is nothing creative there…

What inspires you to create art the most?

Human behavior, urban lifestyle and people with strong behavior, cuisine chefs, art director, musician, actors, homeless, chaos, sushis 


Did the pandemic have any effects on you when it came to your work? Did you get more works done while stuck at home or did It hurt your inspiration? 

It positively affected me. I used it to create, explore more my techniques, and create new ones. I’ve done so many works and even started to sculpt and experiment with different mediums. It’s also important to mention that I could explore more the digital world, something that I used to do even 5, 4 years ago, I could make bigger things with NFT, etc…

What was the inspiration behind the works you created for this show? Especially the two works that come together titled “Friend & Frio.”

One of the works I already was “Sex time.” It was in my collection and once you told me about your show it just came to my mind like “I HAVE TO SHOW IT!”

Friends & Frio was inspired by kids and their natural behavior of creation. My idea was to get into this ludic world where there are no rules. I just started to put on paper what I had on my mind at the time…even its simple mediums, its impact is stronger, and that’s what I like about my works.

Could you tell us what love means to you?

I think most people have lost the real meaning of LOVE. Love is much more than a word to say all the time. LOVE is something we feel deep in our hearts. Does not matter if you say you love your wife, your parents, or treat someone you don’t like with no love. LOVE MUST be everywhere making people respect each other no matter what…


How does love influence your art if at all? Do you see a connection between love and the process of creating?

I just paint because I love it. This is what I was meant to do in life, paint and create with all the time I have. I love each step, not just the painting itself but the entire process of packing, shipping, and framing.  I wake up thinking how could I be better, how to show more love and give the most to people who like my works. I have to give all my love to everyone, for real!

What’s something you hope viewers and collectors experience when viewing your works?

I want them to feel free to be present. If they spend 2 seconds looking at my work then I’m happy. I think that a TRUE piece of work is something that puts you in the present moment same we learn from ZEN and Buddhists… be present and enjoy it.

“Sex Time” By Revolue


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“I Have a Plan” By Revolue




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