Casa Cipolla, a rooftop seaside view in Chile

Casa Cipolla, a rooftop seaside view in Chile 

This gorgeous modern home ‘Casa Cipolla’ sits right on the coast of Puchidangui, Chile, and is a three-bedroom two-bath minimalist dream home. Built by the design studio Felipe Assadi Arquitectos in 2018 the home is meant to flow with the land and become apart of it. Allowing you to view the sea by the use of sliding glass doors on both sides of the living spaces, which allows for a more open living experience.

Its simple structure and layout with its minimal use of materials such as concrete allow for a home that is built to handle the salt water and weather but provided a contemporary beauty. One very interesting aspect is the way the roof of the home doubles as a kinda balcony that is just as easy to access as the shore below.


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Images  © Felipe Assadi Arquitectos

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