Jacob at the opening of Papi Chulo

Editors Letter: Hello, I am Jacob and this is Myartisreal

Hello everyone, this will be my first ever editor letter which will serve as a means to express myself and what Myartisreal Magazine will be doing moving forward. First I would like to thank each and every one of you for reading this blog and liking every article. The amount of joy I get when I know people are enjoying my writings is incredible. I want to let the community know why I started this magazine and where I plan to take it moving forward.

When I started Myartisreal as a whole I really had no idea what it was going to be or should be. I had just started reposting works I liked on Instagram and it started to grow. First, the blog was hosted on the main site then later became its own website which is where its hosted today. I for one have no formal writing education and it probably shows, which is something I was very self-conscious about when starting. I wanted to do articles and expand on these artworks I was reposting but I felt my writing skills were not up to par. I did have passion and knew that the only way I could get better was to practice. To me, each article is another lesson and as time has gone on I have grown more confident with my writing abilities. I try to keep the articles short and sweet and full of images as that is what I like most about some of my favorite blogs.

I often refer to Myartisreal as if we are a team of people, but in reality, it’s run by me alone. I start Myartisreal back when I was 18 and the whole reason was purely for me to share art that I liked. I later discovered the concept of curating and set out to curate my very first art show and achieved this in 2018. The first-ever show I curated was at the Krause Gallery in NYC and featured popular contemporary artists John Paul Fauves, Revolue, and CB Hoyo. The show was titled “Papi Chulo” and was an experience I will never forget and I’m very grateful to Krause and all the artists, collectors, and visitors involved. I’m most grateful for my fiancee who helped me afford to travel to NYC for the show. At the time I used every last bit of money I had to travel there and without her support, I don’t know how it would have gone.

I have so many big ideas to help the art community from content I want to give out for free and even community pop-up shows and more. There is often too much work for me to handle myself but I try my best to manage. If you are a fan of the blog and would like to help us grow and provide better content any help would mean the world to me. If you like an article share it with your friends, if you want to talk about an artist you like email us about contributing articles! 

Moving forward I plan to upload one or more articles a day to the blog. I also am working on a Podcast that will be more like a mini audio documentary instead of the standard interview style. This style of the podcast will take more time and work but should be much more entertaining in the long run. I’m also planning multiple online art exhibitions to feature each month on our main website where you can also collect original artworks from some of our favorite contemporary artists. 

I have decided to start a Patreon page to help with these projects. If you want to contribute it will mean the world to me. If you don’t have the funds then just your feedback on our content and interaction is also amazing! As the podcast and other projects start rolling out I will add more benefits and tiers to Patreon but for now, we will only have one small tier for general support. 

Here is a simplified list of future projects we are working on:


  • Art Podcast 
  • More interviews with artists on the blog
  • Multiple Daily articles 
  • Weekly live streams and other live content 
  • Monthly Online Exhibitions 
  • A gift shop full of Myartisreal merch
  • Video content 
  • Free resources 
  • An art Prize 


– Jacob Johnson, Owner of Myartisreal 

You can support Myartisreal on Patreon here.

Jacob with Revolue at the opening of Papi Chulo at Krause Gallery

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