The Elegant 3D art of Lisa Odette – Highlighted by Suburbs Gallery

The Elegant 3D art of Lisa Odette – Highlighted by Suburbs Gallery

The latest highlight to come from our partners at Suburbs Gallery in Canada is the artist Lisa Odette. Odette is a 3D artist and illustrator who lives and works in Madrid, Spain. She has had a passion for drawing and the arts for many years and is relentless in pushing her artistic style to the next level.

Her work is often full of vibrant colors and focuses on the female figure. However, each series of works takes an almost new approach from a technical standpoint. “For example, the sleeping ladies are created with very clean and geometrical style, flat lighting and coloring, and mixed with 2D textures to create a result that lives between both art mediums.” – Lisa Odette

Lisa also tells us how big of a role lighting plays in her work as well. “Playing with lightning is a big aspect for each series, as light can create very different moods. The series of the “Waiting Nymphs” has a quite dreamy and surreal lighting, as the theme was related to the old greek myth of Persephone, who went to the underworld and had to stay there for half the year because she ate a bit of a pomegranate.”

Her animated work is a perfect fit for the space at Suburbs Gallery, utilizing monitors to display digital artworks. We are eagerly anticipating the works she will create for the gallery’s exhibition and drop in December of this year, titled “#E44E29.” In the meantime, make sure to RSVP for their upcoming drop on September 7th here.


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