Paper and Bones in repressed tones, a look at Jason Limon

Paper and Bones in repressed tones, a look at Jason Limon

One of the biggest artists to grab my attention as of late would have to be Jason Limon. His dark and surreal painting of skeletons grabbed my attention a few weeks ago and have yet to let go. Born and raised in San Antonio Texas where he still resides, Jason started off as a graphic designer before moving into visual arts full time. In doing so Limon has now been featured in countless group shows and solo exhibitions around the world in various galleries. As well as won many awards for his creative works.

His works always feature his signature style of skeletons along with some bizarre prop for them to interact with. These props often being either a package, an animal costume or even larger skeleton heads.  No matter the piece, his works carry the same style throughout them all. A style that is not only recognizable but they have an almost nostalgic feeling. They appear old and worn, and give me a personal flashback to the bizarre cartoon “Over the Garden Wall.” But not only are they dark and mysterious but they are always full of playful fun.

Over time I have explored a range of subjects, from ideas based on nature to otherworldly beings. As I progress through my work there is one field where I started and tend to gravitate toward the most: history. History is all around. Within the elements that surround us every day are bits of someone else – a record of thoughts made up of color, typography and symbols marked onto paper and metal to represent products throughout time. As an artist I’ve grown to value these pieces of history; to survey and connect them to craft my own thoughts and feelings. – Jason Limon


Jason’s Instagram @jasonlimon

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