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Meta Photography, a look at Gab Bois

Meta Photography, a look at Gab Bois

From a cactus tongue to bras made of candy Gab Bois’s surreal and meta photography has taken the internet by storm. With over 300k followers on Instagram and many accounts reposting her works chances are you have seen it before. Often using her own body, along with craft supplies she has lying around her apartment she turns her outstanding imaginative ideas into visual art for the world.

Gab’s work is about reimagining mundane objects with a sense of humor. Such as a book made out of Kraft Cheese Singles titled ” A Chessy Story,”  or pouring coffee in a cup made of sugar cubes. She often uses wordplay as well, like when she puts a light switch inside a pair of paints to “turn you on.” Her work can hit you in many ways. Sometimes it’s making you cringe sometimes it makes you laugh. You can always find something about her works that you enjoy.



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