Myartisreal Podcast Episode 10 Ft. Joshua Horkey

Myartisreal Podcast Episode 10 Ft. Joshua Horkey

In today’s episode, I set down with artist Joshua Horkey. After spending many years in the fashion industry Horkey has begun to transition into the contemporary art world. We discuss what lead him here, how he finds inspiration and the meaning behind his works. Often using a college art method of pasting down different vintage magazine ads along with layers of paints Joshua creates intriguing compositions of layers to begin the final painting on. His works feature the faces or parts of the faces of women, each one is not to complex with detail but that does not stop him from filling the face with expressions that tell a much deeper story.  If you would like to see Joshua’s works in person and are in the Florida area be sure to come by his solo exhibition titled “Fight or Flight” that will be at Big Arts in Sanibel Florida on April 4th.

Below you can view works of his as well as works we speak on during the podcast.

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