Head in the clouds, a look at Brooklyn Whelan

Head in the clouds, a look at Brooklyn Whelan

Sydney based artist Brooklyn Whelan gains his inspiration from the weather, and it shows. Whelan is known for his minimalistic paintings of clouds, and when it comes to clouds he does not discriminate, often painting pink, storm, smoke, and many more types. His works are more then what you see on canvas but a feeling, they are nothing short of hauntingly beautiful. 

“As a painter, I work to develop paintings that speak about the beauty and power that exists within weather patterns. I constantly find myself staring into oncoming storms. I do not merely want to capture the image with my painting; rather, with strong bold strokes, I want to give it life and energy, also the sense of fiction and fantasy that one might see in an 80’s sci fi – Powerful electricity, but with a tone of grace, softness and movement.” – Brooklyn Whelan (source: brooklynwhelan.com)

Whether I am having a bad day or a good one Brooklyn’s art has a magical way of putting me in the perfect mood. Not only is it some of the best works I have come across in my years of exploring Art on Instagram but its some of the most inspiring I have found. His works make me want to create for myself, I feel a sense of being drawn into this world, a world that is just beyond the paint.


Artist Instagram: @brooklynwhelan

Artist Website: www.brooklynwhelan.com

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