Adam Priester – Myartisreal Interview

Adam Priester (Instagram @adam.priester)

-Where are you from?
I’m half german half swedish. I was born in Frankfurt but we moved from there when i was two because of the shitty air. I grew up on an island called Öland on the east coast of Sweden. Extremely rural.
At the moment i live in Karlskrona in the south of Sweden.
-What is your happiest memory?
That’s super tough to answer for some reason, i don’t really rank things in my head like that. I also don’t like to dwell in the past, be that in a positive or negative way. Live in the now you know. Hehe.
-What are your favorite tv shows at the moment?
Depends on what mood I’m in, but if i have to answer: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I don’t watch that many shows lately though.
-At what age did you start making art?
I think i’ve been making art in some form of another from a very early age. My parents still have an abstract piece i did in kindergarden hanging on the wall back home. They think it looks like Beauty and the Beast dancing, i don’t recall what i tried to paint.
But i only fully commited to making art about 18 months ago.
-What do you gain inspiration from?
Most of the time i have no idea. Other times it can be something tiny i observe, like the way someone carries themselves, a motion in nature something i see in a movie that i could reinterpret or a music piece that really speaks to me.
-Do you have a job outside of art?
I’ve been a student for the past 4 years, but i’ve been freelancing some as a digital artist on the side.
-When did you start to post your art on Instagram?
Pretty much as soon as i got into digital art. The girl i was seeing at the time was very into social media and pushed me to get into that game. Before thati was very anti the whole social media thing. But i’m very happy that i decided to try it out.
-How has Instagram benefited your art career?
It pretty much made my career, it’s a great platform to find an audience and connect with it and other artists. I especially like the community that exists between artists. It’s a really precious thing.
-Who are some of your favorite artists?
Aww, this is too hard. I’ll just pick one and move on to the next question, Francisco de Goya.
-Are there any artists you would like to work with?
Maybe? I haven’t done much, if any, colab work. I have one on it’s way with @aeforia but it’s been a slow process, mostly because of me i fear, but we’re both pretty busy.
-Do you ever have trouble coming up with new ideas? if so what do you do to get the creative juices flowing again?
If i take a longer break from being creative it can be hard to get back into it, but for me once I’m in the zone and creating stuff it just opens up the floodgates for more creativity. Like i’ll be working on a piece and that process will spawn a bunch more ideas.
But in general for me it’s important to stay healthy, get a decent amount of sleep, eat well and exercise. If i fill all those criteria i don’t see myself getting stuck in a rut.
-After scrolling to the bottom of your Instagram feed your older works look much more vibrant and less dark then your latest works. When did you start to make that change?
I’ve always liked things with a darker theme, in art and in everything else. When i started with digital art i wanted to explore a more vibrant side of myself, i think i was also influenced by trying to make stuff that appeals to a broader range of people.
Lately my animations have been getting really dark, and i don’t really know why. I tell myself to ease up on the dark/weirdness but it just gets weirder anyway. Maybe it’s something that i just have to let happen.
I do love vibrant colours and gradients so it’s definitely something i’ll come back to eventually. Maybe i can find a way to mix those worlds.
-What inspires your older works as compared to the new works?
I think my art is becoming more and more honest as time goes on. I don’t think as much as about if people will like it or not as i may have done before.
-You must have a powerful pc to be able to render all of these projects. Could you tell us some of the specs?
Haha, this one came out of the blue, but for sure.
I have a watercooled 5930k CPU, 64 gb ram, 2x 1080 ti hybrids, 1x 980 ti…. Uhh.. ah ROG Strix x99 motherboard and it all resides in a Corsair Cube 540. It’s a very big and glowy thing.
-Is there anything else you would like to say?
I think i already wrote too much shit. I’ll finish with a quote a like.
“When you’re in a dark place, and your light is going to run out before too long, you get on with things. It’s a wonder to me how few people apply that same logic to their lives.”
― Mark LawrenceEmperor of Thorns